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Amardeep Singh Sandhu

Head, Mobile Applications

Amardeep Singh Sandhu, head of the mobile applications department at Deftsoft, is known for implementing new technological trends in real-life applications. Having worked with popular mobile application platforms like iOS, android and hybrid. He brings the best and creative ideas, making sure the voice of the brand reaches the right people. He is responsible for exponential growth in the mobile application marketplace.

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    Virtual Attendance System: How It Helps To Increase Virtual Workforce Productivity?

    Attendance and leave management are important HR activities and necessary components of payroll input. HR may need help to combine diverse attendance inputs from various recording methods, such as manual…

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    How Blackchain is Transforming Healthcare Industry?

    Blockchain is an increasingly widespread technology that has made it possible for many industries to view and share data securely. However, the vast majority of people associate blockchain technology with…

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    A Step-by-Step Guide to Successful Mobile App Development

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    A Serene Guide for Mobile App Development in 2022 — Native or Hybrid?

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    On-Demand App Ideas for Startups that will Take the Center-Stage in 2022

    Are you looking for a business idea that will take your startup to the new heights of success?  An on-demand service app might be your jackpot ticket. In 2022, on-demand…

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    How Augmented Reality Will Shape Mobile App Development in 2021?

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    Top 7 Mobile Tech Trends That Define the Era of Immersive Technologies

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    6 Reasons You Should Upgrade Your Mobile Site into a Progressive Web App

    People working for their brands with mobile sites would know that it is definitely not the best way to promote conversions for the brand due to the distressing cart abandonment…

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