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Deftsoft Awards for Excellence for 2015-2016!!!

Deftsoft Awards for Excellence for 2015-2016!!!

  • By admin

  • 3rd June 2016

Over the ten years of accomplishment, Deftsoft has successfully made marks in the field of information technology. Though, we have gained a lot of success but we strongly believe that our employees are the vital part of our organization. They are the biggest source of growth to lead the organization on the path of progress.

Deftsoft is blessed with an abundance of talent that differentiates it from others. It is the dedication of our employees that makes us stand ahead of our competitors. All the employees of the organization have made “brilliance” as their habit.

On May 31, 2016, Deftsoft awarded its employees with great rewards for their creativity and innovations in the various domains we are dealing in. The awards were given at the organizational as well as individual levels to recognize the vision, capability and hard work of the members of Deftsoft.

As we all know, rewarding the employees for their exceptional performance throughout the whole session is a way to honor them and make them feel proud for their excellent achievements. Reward and Recognition ceremony was organized to boost them with motivation moreover, to encourage all of our employees to perform with same enthusiasm and determination in future as well.

We really feel thankful to all our departments for their extra ordinary contribution towards the organizational achievement. Well, we hope that in the next coming years, Deftsoft will touch the great heights of success with such an outstanding talent and potential.

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