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Hey There, Fellow Nomophobe!

Hey There, Fellow Nomophobe!

  • By admin

  • 19th June 2015

Nomophobia might sound all fancy but a lot of people around the world are suffering from it and probably someone right next to you or perhaps you could be suffering from this irrational fear of losing your cell phone!
Yes, nomophobia is the fear of losing your mobile phone and aren’t we all nomophobes in some way?
How often have you skipped a heart beat when you realized that your cell phone wasn’t in your pocket? Or how often have you frantically tried to get a signal on your phone and in the process you went all ‘lion king’ on it?
A recent study has shown that people now spend an average of 160 minutes every day on their mobile phone!
That’s more than 2.5 hours spent browsing through Facebook or playing Temple Run!
And that’s more than 2.5 hours of wasted productivity too unless you are playing some brain games on your phone.
The point here is that mobile phones can be a boon or a bane, what matters is the way you look at it!
Here you have something in the palm of your hand which is more powerful than the first rocket that went into space! Imagine the possibilities of what you can do with something this powerful.
The internet is an endless source of education, knowledge and learning and when coupled with something extremely handy and portable like a mobile phone, you have instant access to all the knowledge in the world.
So the next time when you are about to check your Facebook or about to play a game on your cell phone, think about the power and the knowledge that you hold in your hand!
Everything is just one touch or swipe away!

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