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The Tragic Tale of Paid Advertising on Facebook and its Consequences:

  • By

  • 2nd November 2015

A couple of years back, Facebook ventured into the domain of paid advertising. Clearly, this was a move to promote…

Implementing SEO in a World without SEO; Getting your Business on Top

  • By

  • 26th October 2015

The World Wide Web is booming, and it was about time Google became clear with its policies relevant to Search…

Twitter Tweaks its Tweeting Tradition to Tackle Turning Tables and Traffic:

  • By

  • 13th October 2015

Twitter is all set to shock its audience of millions worldwide as it plans to roll out a feature that…

The Big Question: Apple is on its way to become Microsoft, but can Microsoft ever become Apple?

  • By

  • 7th October 2015

Before you lose yourself in the title, let me inform you that Microsoft has launched an extensive range of toys,…

Deftsoft Completes 10 years with a scintillating celebration on its Foundation Day!

  • By

  • 21st September 2015

One of the most prominent names in the domain of IT Solutions, Live Deftsoft Informatics completed a decade of unprecedented…

Deftsoft Informatics to celebrate a glorious decade with foundation day celebrations

  • By

  • 8th September 2015

As Deftsoft Informatics completes a decade building imagination through curiosity, leading innovation through intelligence, and catering to an extensive clientele…

A Successful Visit to the United Kingdom for Deftsoft Informatics MD Mr. Amaneet Brar:

  • By

  • 7th September 2015

Focusing on client satisfaction and delivering impeccable results has brought Deftsoft Informatics a long way since its inception. As the…

Celebrating 10 Years of DEFTSOFT!

  • By

  • 6th August 2015

Completing 10 years today, our organization has now entered another year riding high on success that comes from the hard-work…

Make some noise for the Carrom Championship at Deftsoft!

  • By

  • 3rd August 2015

At Deftsoft, we believe that friendly working atmosphere acts like a fuel for the engine, and also to get our…

Things that can Google docs do for you

  • By

  • 11th July 2015

Google Docs is one of the most amazing things to have happened for both the user and the enterprise alike.…

Tools that can help make your phone the key to your business operations

  • By

  • 10th July 2015

Entrepreneurs and corporate professionals often find it hard to effectively manage the tasks associated with their work. There is often…

Making most of your customer reviews

  • By

  • 19th June 2015

Customers are the driving force behind an organization’s success. It is essential for any organization to ensure that the business…

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