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Disc Store

Disc Store

Disc Store is one of the leading organizations in the USA which sells the Disc Golf & Ultimate Frisbee games accessories like disc golf discs, disc golf baskets, disc golf backpacks etc. Client was looking to improve the target keywords ranking and wanted to increase the sales.


  • On-Page fixation.
  • Website Loading Speed.
  • Low quality content for product description.
  • URL Canonical Issue. Website is opening with multiple Homepage URLs.
  • Poor Meta tags
  • Client was looking to rank his website on the 1st page with single word keywords.


  • We have done the complete website analysis to find out the factors we need to resolve to improve the website stats.
  • We have done the keyword research to find the most relevant keywords.
  • After the keywords research, we have written the Meta tags for each landing page and updated the same on the website.
  • To improve the website loading speed, we have optimized all the images on the website and also removed the unnecessary code from the website.
  • We have written quality content for each page.
  • We have fixed the website URL canonical issue and redirected the website single homepage URL.
  • We have done the quality SEO off-page work and we are able to rank some of the most competitive keywords as well as single word keywords on the 1st page in Google search results.


Most of the keywords got better ranking in Google search results. We have targeted 39 keywords for the website.
Here are the overall stats of the website:

  • Total Keywords:28
  • Total Keywords in Ranking: 28
  • Total Keywords on #1:13

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