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A custom-based e-commerce web-based application in PHP using CakePHP Framework, users are able to purchase antique shoes and more on the website. Vendors can upload their products whilst administrators can manage the website from the backend.


  • If one user deletes a message, then the message shouldnt disappear from the second user.
  • There should be a notification for deletion of the invoices.
  • When different times API is hit, then the speed of the website is affected.
  • API was used for multi-currency displaying prices according to the currency selected by the customer; different products uploaded by the vendor had different currency types.
  • Manual Invoice
  • Vendor to customer through website, according to the selected payment gateway.


  • Functionalities of the message module should be clearly mentioned in the SOW document, as the basic structure that we offer to the client is thread like structure; here the client was asking for more details.
  • For live APIs there are paid APIs, otherwise the APIs being offered show the previous prices (like a day before)


  • Message Module developed can be reused.
  • Paypal Module for splitting of the payment can be reused. (Automatic split to admin and the vendor)


  • PSD (2-3) Design
  • Development Environment Setup
  • Admin Login
  • User Type
  • Multivendor Setup and Customer Dashboard Setup
  • Multicurrency
  • Payment- Stripe and PayPal
  • Manual Invoice
  • Message Module (with dispute and requests)

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