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The JotsClub app allows companies and individuals to save money, and make money at the same time. Through JotsClub, anyone can make money in their free time. With big name shipping companies struggling to manage and deliver items at cost efficient rates, JotsClub users are able to state the price they are willing to pay, and members can do the delivery to make extra cash. Many people, including college students, housewives, business professionals, unemployed people, retired individuals, etc. who want an extra income are able to use their spare time and vehicle to earn.


1. Managing both user types with a single account. User can login as a shipper or as a driver with the same account and can switch between the accounts from settings as well.
2. Managing the subscription in three different platforms. Application is developed in three different platforms and managing the syncing of the subscription across all the platforms was one of the challenging tasks.
3. Managing the payment state if user’s Internet stops working instantly after making the payment.
4. Managing the application syncing on different platforms (Android, iOS and Desktop).


1. The major challenge was to manage account switching from Settings. To manage this we have used the login API and managed the login process in the background.
2. To manage the payment, we have used InApp purchase in the Android and iOS applications and used Braintree in the desktop application.
3. In this case the user doesn’t get the subscription even after making the payment in the application. To solve this issue, we have managed the payment state locally.
4. For the drop downs and other static information, we have provided the option in the admin panel to add, delete or update the fields.


1. The system becomes easy to use, as user doesn’t have to logout and login again in order to switch between shipper and customer. User can simply change his/her account from Settings.
2. User can purchase the subscription from any application (Android, iOS or desktop) and can access his/her account from any of the applications.
3. User doesn’t lose his/her money even when he is purchasing the subscription on a low network connection.
4. Whenever any of the fields need to be changed, we do not need to make that change in all three applications. We can just make the change from the admin panel and that will get reflected in all the application platforms.
5. Users can search for shippers according to the vehicle type required and on the basis of source and destination location.
6. Users can mention the amount they are willing to pay for their shipment and shippers can accept if the amount is relevant to them.

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