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MoTiv is the ultimate weapon for discovering must-attend events near you. With just a few taps of the phone, you’ll instantly know whether you’re looking for a comedy show or a sports event in the future. The MoTiv app ensures that you always have social, thrilling, top events to choose from at your fingertips.


  • To manage the events based on the date and time to show the current, upcoming and past events.
  • Manage Public and Private Events.
  • Handle tickets for each event with different URLs.
  • Sync the organizer and normal user module.
  • Manage the recurring events for weekly, monthly and yearly.


  • We have prepared an algorithm to manage the events on the basis of event start date and start time and with event end time, changing the events to current, upcoming and past with the help of the current time, and adding them into the specific tab of current, upcoming or past.
  • We have added a check to maintain the public and private events. As a public event is accessible to all the users, we added a check so that only admin-approved events will be shown for the public events. In the case of private events, they are specific to particular users. In this case users have an option to report an event or block a user if any abusive data is there.
  • To manage the tickets for each event in which the URL for tickets is different for each event. We added a Ticket URL field at the time of the event so that every event organizer can add his ticket URL which is easily accessible to all the users.
  • We followed the process of development of features side by side on both the modules of organizer and normal user.
  • We have prepared an algorithm to show the recurring events in the application. To make the application less heavy we show only the next two recurring events from the current date so that user can easily manage events listing.


  • The system was very simple and easy to use.
  • User can look for all the current, upcoming and past events which are public.
  • User can filter the events as per categories and music interests.
  • User has an option to view and search the current and upcoming events.
  • User will get an invitation for the private options.
  • User has an option to attend/ un-attend an event.
  • User has an option to set his music and public interests to manage the events based on that.
  • User can login into the app with email address or Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
  • User can use the application though their IOS and Android smartphone applications.

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