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The Odisi application provides a solution for the people of Bahrain to find events and activities happening nearby to them. The user is able to check for event details, filter the events as per the category they like, and book tickets. The application provides an easy and simple to use experience, with a range of app features, such as the option to ‘Skip’ account creation and being able to connect their social accounts, like Facebook and Google.


  • Complexity of the ticketing system that includes managing the available tickets and allowing a user to book multiple tickets.
  • Option to select “Pay by cash” for a ticket.
  • Implementation of the payment gateway for an Arabian country.
  • Allowing the admin to show different types of information for a particular event.
  • Syncing of the application with website platform.
  • A process to inform users about any important notification regarding the events or the availability of some important event happening nearby.


  • We have prepared an algorithm for the ticketing system after a long discussion with our DBA and put in some logic to manage the total and available tickets.
  • We have added payment type options and admin can see the payment type in the admin panel so the payments can be managed manually at the time of the event.
  • We used Paytabs payment gateway and contacted their support team for the proper documentation.
  • For dynamic information, we have provided the options in admin panel so admin can add dynamic headings and dynamic information for each heading. We managed this at the same time in the application and on the website.
  • We followed the process of development of features side by side on both the platforms.
  • For the requirement of an information system, we have a provided an option to the admin in the admin panel for broadcasting the information to the application users. When admin broadcasts the information from the admin panel, users will receive a push notification.


  • The system was very simple and easy to use.
  • User can look for their nearby events.
  • User can filter the events as per the choice of their categories.
  • User has the option to contact support through the application in case of any query.
  • User can easily book multiple tickets for an event. 
  • Users are also allowed to book the tickets for the events without having to pay during the booking process and use the “Pay by Cash”. This will allow the user to pay the amount manually when user visits the event.
  • User can use their social media accounts to use the application.
  • User can use the system on a web browser or through their IOS and Android smartphone applications.

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