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Urgent Care East Greenbush

Urgent Care East Greenbush

Managed complete setup for Facebook Ads including Images analysis, Ad creation, Detailed Audience Targeting, Ads optimization to get sales.


  • Detailed Targeting
  • Location Targeting
  • Customize Audience
  • Creating New Images
  • Pixel setup
  • Selecting effective bidding strategy
  • Pixel code setup
  • Remarketing setup
  • Remarketing Campaign setup
  • Optimization to scale up the ad performance


  • We started with the advertising process by focusing on the leads.
  • We have done the Audience research to find the most relevant Traffic.
  • After the Audience Research, we have written the effective ad copy in order to increase the Specific Leads.
  • We have also added the Images to attract the users, along with relevant content.
  • We have added all the necessary conversion pixel codes on the website.
  • We have created two campaigns:Lead Generation and Re-targeting


  • We started from scratch and achieved the stats above, although it took a lot of optimization and analysis.
  • We continued with the optimization process and covered all the aspects of possibility to grab the customers. In further details you will see the breakdown steps of how we were able to achieve this milestone.

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