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User Experience Design

In the horde of millions of websites on the Internet, only a handful are people’s favourite. Do you know where all the difference lies? The key feature that makes these specific websites so popular are a successful UI design and User Experience or UX Design. UX Design improves the accessibility and usability of a product during the user interaction. Deftsoft, being the master of UX Design keeps in mind all the important and finest practices that are being used all over the world to create the best quality UX design.

At Deftsoft, we use the latest technologies pertaining to the UX Design including HTML, CSS and Java Script. Other than that, we also include some of the advanced technologies such as:

  • Various Vector Illustration Apps: Illustrator, CorelDraw and Inkscape
  • Raster Graphic Editor: PhotoShop, Paint, GIMP
  • Tools for Diagramming: Visio, Gliffy, Lucidchart, LibreOffice, OmniGraffle
  • Wire Framing Tools: Balsamiq, Moqups, Axure, UXPin

We understand that every business has different business needs; thus, for our UX designing team, every project is a new challenge and new, unique solutions are crafted for each project and client.

Attaining a design that is not only simple but attractive as well is difficult, and that is the point where the experts of Deftsoft gain an edge!

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A team of professionals provides utmost integrity and customer satisfaction by improving your business value. We have hands-on-experience in managing IT challenges to ease the business processes for all clients.

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